The Western New York Free Flight Society ( WNYFFS ), formed in the late 1960’s by a handful of dedicated modelers, is today an area-wide organization;with members from nine states and Canada. For over 33 years the WNYFFS has hosted the annual Empire State Free Flight Championships, typically scheduled in August. The WNYFFS also co-sponsors, with a Canadian free flight group, the Great Grape Gathering contest (named for the bottles of wine given in lieu of trophies) scheduled September. The site of these two meets is the Geneseo National Warplane Museum airport just west of Geneseo, New York. Membership in the WNYFFS is open to anyone in the upstate New York area, young or old, interested in free flight modeling. Annual dues are $10, and members receive the club’s newsletter, the Thermal Journal, with club news and information on upcoming club contests and other activities. An annual business meeting and dinner is held each November.

News Flash...............

Roy Smith
Hello again everyone, I am pleased to be able to announce that the Empire State Free Flight Championships (ESFFC) has been RESCHEDULED FOR JULY 5-7 2019 at the NWM airfield in Geneseo, NY. I attach the schedule of events for anyone who cannot find the original. The dates haven't been changed on the announcement - the events will be the same for the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Remember that this is the first of the two contests whose results count towards the award of the prestigious MAAC Can-Am trophy - a highly coveted award.

Event Schedule of Free Flight Competitions & Gatherings

  • Spring Opener (Hobo Meet)
    Spring Opener is an informal, no official contest events, gathering to get out and fly, test and trim new models, shake the winter cobwebs off existing models. Typically occurs in May with accompanying rain date.
    May 4 & 5 2019
    Rain Dates May 18 & 19
  • National Warplane Museum Airshow
    The 2019 Geneseo Airshow will be on July 13th and 14th 2019. See their website for acts and participants.
    July 13/14 2019
  • Empire State Free Flight Championship
    The Empire State Free Flight Championship is held in August each year. Since 1968 the "ESFFC", as it is affectionately known, is one of the few Free Flight contests held in the state of New York. The latest event announcement flyer and the latest results can be found here. Previous announcement flyers and results also archived on this website.
    May 31 June 1 & 2 2019
  • Pirate Challenge
    The Pirate Challenge is the Flying Aces Club ("FAC") events and also held at the Geneseo National Warplane Museum airport just west of Geneseo, New York.
    August 23,24,25 2019
  • Great Grape Gathering
    We co-sponsor, with a Canadian free flight group (SAM86), the Great Grape Gathering contest (named for the bottles of wine given in lieu of trophies.) The event is typically held in the early Fall of each year conjunction with SAM86 of Canada and includes a full slate of SAM, AMA and FAC events. The site of this meet is the Geneseo National Warplane Museum airport just west of Geneseo, New York. The latest contest announcement and the results are found on this website. Archived contest flyers and results are also available here.
    September 6 & 8 2019
  • Flying Aces Club (non NATS)
    July 18 - 20 2019

2019 Contest and Activity Information Details

Spring Opener
National Warplane Museum
Empire State Free Flight Competition Contest Announcement
Pirates Challange Information
Great Grape Gathering
Flying Aces Non NATS

About Free Flight……..

  • Typically a free flight model is powered by fuel or an electric engine. Here a club member is launching a fuel powered model into a near vertical climb. The high power generated by this "gas" engine will help this model climb out quickly. A timer will shut off the engine after a short run and the model is trimmed to circle in a glide back to earth. During a competition, contestants are scored according to how long the glide lasts. Read More
  • Not all models are flown in the same manner. This model is a non-powered glider. It is launched into the air by the flyer with a tow line who will pull it into the prevailing wind. Here an assistant will hold the model and the flyer, when ready, will pull the model into the sky and release it at the optimum time for a long flight. Read More
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