Our members are active in giving to our community

Long time WNYFFS member Vet Thomas completed a long term project to produce a 1:1 scale replica of the Curtiss Pusher. The photos included here were taken during final assembly in the Greater Rochester International Airport (KROC/ROC) Terminal in April, 2007. Unfortunately, this magnificent example of Vets Craftsmanship can only be viewed by those passing through security for boarding.

In the photos below, we see Vet trying (while security was momentarily absent) one last time to get the OX-5 to turn over before raising the ship for display. When the engine failed to start we instead took turns pushing Vet around the concourse while he made raspberries to simulate the engine sound. Kidding aside, this is a terrific accomplishment; anyone who does get a chance to enter the secure part of the airport should be sure to check out Vet’s handiwork.

Congratulations Vet on a job very well done!

vet1         vet3      vet2